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In addition to the comprehensive ophthalmology services we provide, our practice features an optical with a wide array of eyeglass frames to suit every look and budget. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize your prescription with the latest in optical lens design to optimize your vision in every situation. Special lens design options are offered for computer users, office workers and students. With a large selection of different frame styles in stock, you can choose from the newest fashion and designer frames or less expensive value lines. There is an array of choices to fit every budget. We offer the most advanced lens products available today and feature a variety of options in tints and coatings, including a multi-layer anti-reflective coating to minimize glare, ultraviolet blockers to protect your eye health and polarized sun lenses for the ultimate in comfort and vision while outdoors.

Selecting the Right Frames for Your Face

When choosing a new pair of eyeglass frames, it is essential to determine what will complement a person's appearance. One of the most important aspects to take into account is the shape of a face. The most common eyeglass frames are round, oval, square or heart-shaped. Each shape may have certain styles that suit it best. For example, a patient with a square face may look most attractive in a rounded frame that provide curves, and a frame with a higher bridge and hinges can add the illusion of length to the face.

We have years of experience helping patients find the right frame style to match their appearance. Personal taste also plays a big part in the selection of eyewear, and we offer many different frames that can suit your looks, preferences and visual needs for the most pleasing results.

Choosing a Frame That Compliments Your Skin Tone

Skin, hair and eye coloring also play a factor in choosing the best frames for a particular face. Skin tones are considered either cool, with a blue or pink hue, or warm, with a yellow hue. Hair colors also fall into the categories of warm and cool. Some typical warm colors are golden shades, bright red and brownish-black. Cool colors may include auburn, ashy shades, strawberry blonde and true black. Eye color depends on their shade of each color. For instance, a bright blue would be cool, while a grayish blue would be warm.

If your overall coloring suggests you are cool, you might want to consider frames in dark tortoise, black, pink, blue or plum. For those with warm coloring, the best choices may be gold, red, camel, pale tortoise or green. Our staff is happy to help you analyze your coloring and assist you in finding eyewear that suits you perfectly and enhances your appearance.